Essential Bodywork

Reuniting body, mind & soul.



Essential Bodywork is a healing arts studio in Philadelphia, PA, whose purpose is to help people live healthier, happy lives.

Are you feeling disconnected? How well do you handle stress? Have you been experiencing chronic pain or discomfort? Feeling 'run-down'? Do you experience anxiety with regularity? Depression? Is your life too hectic? 

Our world is one stressful place! But you don't have to be. You can feel better in your body. It is possible to be centered and calm amidst chaos. You can feel empowered, grounded, more joyful and whole. Essential Bodywork is here to help.

Massage and bodywork, medicinal aromatherapy, energy work; they all help boost immunity, healing, self awareness, compassion... and offer you the time and space to decompress, and experience a reprieve from the everyday stress of the times we are living in. Essential Bodywork helps restore you to the real you... a more relaxed, centered, grounded soul... the you that is meant to be. 

Anne Medrano is a Nationally Board Certified and Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist, who focuses on treating each person wholly; addressing body, mind and soul. Customizing each therapeutic session to your specific needs, with compassionate, active listening and grounded intuition, each appointment with Anne allows deep relaxation, transformation, greater self awareness and a wonderful sense of tranquility.