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Medicinal Aromatherapy



Featuring Wisdom of the Earth essential oils!

There is aromatherapy, and then there is Wisdom of the Earth. These essential essences are the purest natural medicine. The plant and tree kingdom are our allies, and these essences show this again and again. Their power and beauty are unrivaled. The vibrational quality of Wisdom of the Earth essential oils resonate health, well-being, and a return to your best self. They work with your body in the most loving ways to support you, aid your healing, teach you your strengths, and remind you of your grace. 

At Essential Bodywork, Wisdom of the Earth is a key component in the delivery of your wellness. They are used as pure, single essences, never blended, only layered as needed. They are utilized in most treatments, but are specifically featured in the Essential Tranquility Massage (offered in 90 min and 2 Hour increments). 

Anne is a Level 2 certified medicinal aromatherapist and distributor through Wisdom of the Earth located in Page Springs, AZ. She is happy to assist you in choosing specific essences for purchase for use at home.