Essential Bodywork
Reuniting body, mind, soul.

Services and Rates


Investing in massage is an investment in your health...

• Therapeutic Massage                    1 Hour - $85 / 90 minutes - $120

Customized therapeutic massage tailored to your needs. Therapeutic techniques such as neuromuscular (trigger point work), positional tissue release, myofascial release, and deep tissue are integrated and incorporated to maximize lasting benefits. Helpful for any kind of orthopedic issue, stress, muscle soreness, or any time you just want to feel better in your body.

 • Essential Tranquility Signature Massage             90 minutes - $145 / 2 Hours - $175

Medicinal grade essential oils are featured in this most luxurious and truly transformational experience. Essences are used based upon your needs and layered on the body during the massage. Leave the studio in a bubble of serenity and tranquility. Between 150 and 200 drops of the highest quality, single-note essences are used.  All of the benefits of a custom therapeutic massage and then some! Anne works exclusively with Wisdom of the Earth essences, because they are superb.

• CranioSacral Therapy                     1 Hour - $85 / 90 minutes - $120

A deeply relaxing, profoundly transformative, and eloquently gentle technique. CranioSacral Therapy is used for a number of ailments including Migraines, TMJ, past traumas, learning delays, anxiety and depression, nervous disorders, behavioral issues, and of course; stress. When what you really want is to 'reboot' your entire system, this will deliver. CranioSacral Therapy focuses on the detection and release of fascial restrictions in the central nervous system, and the benefits are immense. 

• Prenatal Massage                             1 Hour - $85

Massage is wonderful to receive both before and after delivery. Special care and consideration is given for women during this most sacred time. 


Accepted methods of payment are cash, check and all major credit cards.